Because of our fulfilling, enjoyable and supportive workplace, Ratcliff & Company enjoys an unusually low employee turnover rate. 

This benefits everyone:

  1. Our clients: because long-term employees build a wealth of knowledge and experience, handle matters accurately and more quickly, and support our lawyers’ excellent client-service attitude.
  2. Our Firm: because our lawyers can rely on their expertise and excellent performance.
  3. Our community: because almost all of our employees also live on the North Shore, where they are involved in many non-profit and charitable organizations, and community events.
  4. Our employees and their families: through stable, local, well-compensated employment.

For prospective employees, Ratcliff & Company provides salaries and benefits comparable to larger downtown law firms, yet with a family-oriented and accommodating office culture. 

We are professional, yet casual. 

Employees, themselves, organize numerous social events and celebrations, and form teams to join in fund-raisers for many great community causes. Ratcliff contributes substantial financial and work-time support.

You’ll love working at Ratcliff & Company, and we invite anyone with law-firm experience to submit a resume and cover letter.  We will be pleased to keep it close-at-hand for the occasion when a vacancy arises for which you can be considered.