Civil Litigation for First Nations

In addition to advancing aboriginal rights, title and reserve claims in court, Ratcliff & Company has extensive experience in more general civil litigation matters on behalf of First Nation clients.  This is a growing area of our practice as First Nations pursue an increasingly diverse range of business opportunities conducted on reserve, treaty or traditional lands, and in the business community at large.

Civil litigation disputes arise in a range of matters for First Nations, particularly with respect to contracts, property rights, and governance.  Even these more conventional kinds of disputes require special knowledge of First Nations' legal issues to be properly addressed, and we appreciate that any kind of litigation involving First Nations can involve sensitive cultural or community elements.  We have represented First Nation clients and First Nation-owned companies on matters such as general commercial litigation, residential and commercial tenancies, contractual matters and election and governance disputes. We also act for our clients in mediations and arbitrations as an alternative to the court process.